Our Different Fire Apparatus Models

Aerial Ladders

Our Line of Aerial Ladders Include: HPS 105 Ladder, 50' Teleboom, HP 75, HP 78, HP 100, HP 100/110, CR 100, CR 137, Super Tiller, and the Metro 100.

Aerial Platforms

Our Line of Aerial Ladders Include: 95-Platform, HP 95 Mid-Mount Platform, HP 100 Platform, HPS 100 Sleel Platform, and the Bronto.

Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF)

Our Line of Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF) Include: ARFF 6x6, and the ARFF 4x4.

Custom Chassis

Our Line of Custom Chassis Include: HS Chassis, Quest, Cyclone, and the Typhoon.


Our Line of eMax Include: eMAX Aerials, Custom eMAX, Commercial eMAX, and the eMAX Urban Interface.


Our Line of Rescues Include: HP 100 Platform Industrial, Custom Industrial, and the Commercial Industrial.


Our Line of Pumpers Include: Commercial Top-Mount Enclosed Pumper, Custom Pumper, Commercial Pumper, and the Enclosed Top-Mount Pumper.